Founded 1943

For many years, the BAPCR has been able to put public enquirers in touch with accredited Fellows who operate nearby. The secretary holds a list of current Fellows, and can supply the names and contact details of three that should be easily accessible to them.

When making an enquiry, it is important to first establish that the painting in question is an oil painting, or a similar painting done in acrylics or tempera. Enquirers should also be ready to alert the secretary to any unusual features, for instance if it is of very large size, is attached to a wall, or presents any other difficulty. She should then be able to find a restorer who can help.

If the picture in question is a print, or is in watercolour or gouache, enquirers should instead contact a body who holds details of conservators in other disciplines, such as the Conservation Register.

Please contact the secretary, Gemma Collins, either on 07989 559 346, or by email.